Fixed Term Business Loans




Maintain Progress with A Fixed-Term Business Loan

When your capital is tied up in logistics, infrastructure, and payroll, it can feel easy to panic over the lack of liquidity in your business operation.

That’s why we offer competitive short-term business loans for those companies that need money now. With Commerce Capital Funding, you get a commercial loan provider that says “yes” when it comes to business underwriting.


Why Would My Business Need a Business Loan?

It often seems like businesses need cash the most when they don’t have it. When a setback strikes or an opportunity arises, many business owners will get frustrated over their lack of mobility in terms of capital.

Term loans for businesses help bridge the gap between current cash flow and potential opportunities or business necessities.

There are several reasons why your business would need a short-term or fixed-term loan: Addressing unexpected emergencies arise that tie up your free cash, like damage to equipment or unforeseen expenses.

Developing new or pressing financial opportunities that require immediate funds. Maintaining cash flow during tight business periods.


How Are Short-Term Business Loans Different from Other Loans?

Businesses need a source of unsecured capital that works on their schedule. Larger banks are offering more traditional loans or Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, will require extensive financial accountability based on past performance or future gains, like tax returns, business collateral or other guarantees.

With short-term funding, you get the benefit of an immediate cash source with the flexibility of a loan based on the unique operation of your business. Commercial loans for small and mid-sized businesses that address short-term needs should match those needs while recognizing how cash flow affects repayment.

We offer flexible loans based on the needs of the business, with plenty of options for repayment and pre-payment options that reduce your interest in exchange for early payments.

Flexible Short-Term Business Loans with Commerce Capital Funding

The strength of a short-term loan is that you can get money fast and pay it off quickly without much overhead.

At Commerce Capital Funding, we offer unsecured short-term loans paid back over 6 or up to 24 months. We also provide flexible scheduling so that you can pay back your loan daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. We work with you to structure a loan that will help you significantly improve your business and meet the goals that you set for it.

Our business loans don’t come with the baggage of a bank loan. We offer quick underwriting, quick funding, and no required financial auditing. Just talk with us and, once approved, have the funds wired to your bank for immediate use.

We also offer options for additional funds based on past payment performance. If you have a loan, make payments on time and pay down some of that balance, we are ready to discuss further financing with you.

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